Infini | Part One | Lesbos | 2015 { 30 images } Created 9 Dec 2016

Israeli photographer and lecturer Yuval Tebol travelled to Greece in August 2015.
Working with a medium format camera and Black and White film, Tebol searched to respond to the surge of refugees fleeing the war in Syria. Following traces, the marked and overwhelmed landscape, he constructed a series of Black and white triptychs.
Tebol photographed the sea. The stillness of its waters. Transforming them into a symbol of what must be overcome on the road towards an imagined better future. A milestone in the journey of hundreds of thousands, in a story of crisis, desperation, in a journey of lost hopes. It is also home to those who live on its shores. Dawn came for those who call this place their home, for those who no longer have a home. This is their home. For today, tomorrow. Until there is a new home.
Tebol photographs question marks.
Who are the people who journeyed here, what have they left behind. What is this place they have come to. What did they flee. Where did they go. We are not the passive observer. We are called into action, not only in the relationship between photographer and viewer. But as humans.

Sofie Berzon MacKie, Curator
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