Land Research | Part One | 2005-2014 { 83 images } Created 9 Dec 2016

Since 2005, Israeli photographer Yuval Tebol has been exploring and observing the internal conflict in Israel, the West Bank, regions around Gaza, the Dead Sea and Jordan’s Arava desert in a series called “Land Research.” The project looks to “emphasize the psychological consequences of the conflict through staggered triptychs.

“Land Research” is a private journey borne out of Tebol’s own desire to observe and study the human impact that is found in almost every area of life. It examines the boundaries of time and space, internal and external, memory and imagination, conceptual and abstract, complete and disassembled, in the regions and borders of the Land of Israel and the West Bank, and that raises and breaks down questions and problems using the complex and delicate language and tool of photography.
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